AI has had an incredible impact on my life, transforming it in profound ways!

Patrick's AI Experiments
4 min readJun 2, 2023


How often do you use Artificial Intelligence?

And no, I’m not talking about ChatGPT. Text writing is the least that AI can do for you.
On the TOP, you can trade on digital asset markets with a self-learning bot!

Are you intrigued?

My name is Emily, and I’ve been an Interior Designer for most of my life. I really enjoy my work, especially when you see your ideas come to fruition as a result. Yes, I still do this job, only now I take on only fascinating projects since it is no longer my main source of income.

During the pandemic, I noticed fewer orders, and it made me realize how dangerous it is to have only one source of income. It became clear to me that depending on one source of income is not only risky but also unwise.

This situation showed me the importance of having an additional income that was not dependent on a rapidly changing world.

It took me a long time to figure out what would work best for me, since I had my main job and had no free time to learn new skills.

So, what are the best investment options that can generate income for me right now without requiring my active involvement?

So my choice fell on studying the market of cryptocurrency opportunities. The world of cryptocurrency is too vast and a lot of knowledge that was relevant a year ago may no longer work today. Upon discovering the Intelfin platform, I was immediately struck by its extraordinary potential to address all of my financial concerns and fulfill my aspirations. I am convinced that this is the perfect opportunity to attain my goals and achieve true financial freedom.

Intelfin Global is a unique platform based on a crypto-forecasting and analytics tool based on artificial intelligence and machine learning. The platform’s bots constantly scan over 2,500 coins and tokens to extract maximum profits for beginners and professional investors & traders alike.

Intelfin’s algorithms literally blur the line between professional crypto traders and beginners in digital asset markets.

Yep, yep! I was also amazed that we are already living “In the future”, where a machine does important work for you, or rather brings you fully automated passive income!!!

The financial world is too complex for constant self-analysis, not everyone can devote many months or even years to learning working strategies (I am so definitely not one of those dedicated volunteers). What particularly attracted me was the fact that the company aims for the cryptocurrency space to move away from the power of large financial corporations and be accessible to ordinary people. Even those who have no experience with digital assets, such as me, can earn income on the difference of market prices, using the Artificial Intelligence of Intelfin platform.

I was attracted by the idea of making passive income with this platform, so I learned about bot strategies and found out that the Arbitrage bot was ideal for me.

Arbitrage bot helps to buy and sell an asset in a split second, making a profit on the difference in altcoin prices between exchanges. I realized that thanks to the bot I could get the most profitable opportunities in arbitrage trading! Of course, I am not going to lie, I was also attracted by its yield, which reached as much as 22.4% a month.

It is in the Arbitration bot pool was a combination of the highest profits and no risks.

It was important to me to make sure that artificial intelligence is many times better traders than a human. And when I saw the first transactions and the profits they made, I was amazed! Not every experienced trader can boast such deals like mine! And I’m glad that now my main income comes from the Arbitrage bot!

And, as a platform user for six months, I’m very glad that I learned about such a great opportunity, and did not miss it!

So, my dear reader, if you see and read my story, know that this is a sign to start investing! Start your journey into a good & rich cryptocurrency future!



Patrick's AI Experiments

I'm an enthusiast-experimenter in the areas of neural networks AI, ML and automation of investment processes. I share my experience and best practices with love